Minimizing Technology Burden in a Pediatric Practice Using the new IPAD

March 30, 2012 in Blog by support Team  |  Comments Off on Minimizing Technology Burden in a Pediatric Practice Using the new IPAD

Most Pediatricians want to focus on treating their patients and not all the technology burden associated with Electronic Health Records. A Pediatric Health Record system should align with the technology in today’s market. The ‘old’ days of Television sets were large furniture or appliance size devices with low quality screens. Today every person seems to own multiple flat screen TVs in the House. The computer field evolved from a difficult to use device that had a mono chrome (usually green) screen to a wireless tablet that you can check your e-mail and banking while sitting on the couch. Less weight, less technology burden for the owner, less space with more features. The new IPAD (“IPAD 3”) has some features that a small Pediatric Practice could use to reduce their technology burden.

If you purchase the 4G model of the IPAD (about $640 with a $15-$30 4G cost), you can use the IPAD as a 4G Hot Spot. This means that the IPAD appears like a “WIFI” to the other lap tops/tablets in the practice. A small Pediatric practice could have a Desktop, the IPAD with 4G and a previous IPAD or another tablet computer to see patients all day (assuming all your systems are on the cloud). The practice could either use the existing internet connection or the 4G connection provided by the IPAD. Additionally, the physician on call can review charts on the IPAD (vs. using a smart phone) no matter where they are located. What would be the cost of this set-up? Two new IPADs, Desk Top computer and wireless router….less than $1500 brand new. Let’s say you also purchase a ‘good’ copier/scanner/fax machine…another $500. What is the maintenance? No back-ups, no IT people needed, no hassles…..this technology is now here today so that you can reduce the cost and hassle to your practice using the latest technology. Think of the freedom that you will achieve by moving to this model as well as improved operation by using a Pediatric Specific Cloud E.H.R. system.

There is plenty of supply of IPADs available at stores like Best Buy. Speaking of Best Buy, their leaders understand the importance of reducing overhead and space. They understand that due to the changes in technology, cloud systems and the high utilization of smart phones that there is not a need for a large store (the management of Best Buy announced recently that they will reduce the number of large stores and lay off 400+ individuals). Using the ‘right’ technology should lead many Pediatric Offices to evaluate the appropriate space for their practice. No need for the practice to have a file room, a server room (think of a server similar to that old box TV), extra break rooms, large storage. With the right system and devices, Pediatric Practices can be optimized to eliminate the burden of these extra spaces. Additionally, the practice can improve the scheduling so that the focus of the practice is the Exam rooms, Front Desk and small lab/nurse prep area. I recommend you consider leveraging the IPAD in your Pediatric Practice to see if you can remove the administrative and IT burden.