Pediatrics in the Facebook generation, is your practice ready?

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One of the benefits of Pediatrics is being surrounded by youths that adopt the latest technologies. Many of
Pediatric patients are very familiar with technology. Almost all teenagers cannot image not being connected to the Internet. They see the web as operating all the time to check Facebook, watch movies, play games, and interact with their school, teachers and friends.

Are their parents able to connect with your pediatric practice via web? The patient portal via the
physicianXpress system allows a practice to customize how a practice establishes and manages their web
interface. A practice can implement one, some or all of the options of the patient portal. These options
-area to request for office to update demographics and insurance information
-request an appointment
-pay a patient statement
-provide patient education materials based on their conditions
-provide lab results
-select medical information such as vaccination list
Cloud based applications reduce costs and burden for Pediatric offices since the office does not need to
employ or contract an IT specialist to maintain appropriate security, back-up of data, system
performance. Does a pediatric practice care if the issue is the software or hardware? The old model of
the 1990s was client server. Over the last five years, inexpensive high speed Internet access as well as
wide spread use of smart phones (iPhone, android phones) provide multiple Internet sources for users.
Physicians can be free to complete their charts anywhere while being removed of the burden of managing
an IT infrastructure in the office.

Pediatricians can feel free today inline with their ‘Facebook’ generation patients by using a cloud-based Pediatric
specific EHR and practice management system.

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